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Best of all, no pesky wires tripping you up. Xbox Wireless Controller, Astarry 2. I love this product so much. I look at my controller every day and say to myself "wow I own something so cool". Could even be a better deal than the original So far, this controller really looks and feels as if it matches the quality of the original xbox controller.

Interestingly positive at a cool price. Design and comfort is on par. It's lightweight. This one is wired, but wired has a fine lenght. Only downside for some here, the wire.

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Buttons, thumbsticks and triggers feels great and we will see overtime, but I think they may be better than original. For an extra, spare and wired controller, you cannot go wrong. Fair price. Overall good quality. But the pad works just fine. The only thing that could justify the full price official microsoft controler is the thumbsticks. They are too stiff on this controller. Subtle movements are not very something the wired controller do.

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You can even plug it into your computer to use it on PC or mac. Works good with my Xbox Diswoe Xbox Wireless Controller, 2. Currently unavailable. Great quality controller for XBOX Went on you tube and connected to XBOX in one minute. Good price.

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This controller is perfect for PC Gamers who want a licensed Xbox controller for the more recent big game titles. I like the fact that it is wired, because I don't experience any latency or interference from other electronics or metal objects. It feels more durable, easier to grip and not to mention, looks better than the console controllers.

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It was easy to setup, Windows installed the drivers automatically, just plug and play! Reiso Xbox Controller, 7. The controller has always been my favorite.

It's simple, comfortable, and for some reason it's the only controller that I can use on my PC without latency issues. It worked in my Win 7 system and it works just as well in my Win 8 system. Xbox Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows. Of course you could test your controller every time you download a new game, but there are easier ways.

There are a number of websites that catalog all of the games that are compatible with gamepads. These sites will give you information like which controllers work with a game, and whether or not the game supports re-mappable controls.

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What About Other Controllers? Furthermore, pretty much any Bluetooth enabled gamepad will work as well: just pair it like you normally would. The same goes for Wiimotes; however, the lack of analog sticks make them less than ideal.

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While it is possible for you to use your PS3 Six axis controller with your Android device, the process requires rooting and quite a bit of legwork. What are your favorite games to play with a traditional controller? Which gamepad is your favorite? Let us know in the comments. Everything is connected and the light on the wireless connected cord is on. However the controller will not connect when trying to pair with the it. With xperia z3 dual didnt work as well.

Xbox 360 Controller Driver 0.16.11 for Mac OS X

I tried to connect xbox controller? I even tried to connect xbox s one controller? I think this sony mobile?

Xbox 360 Controller Driver 0.16.11 for Mac OS X

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