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There is a standard for which pins in a port an ethernet device uses for TX or RX. A splitter provides 2 ports but connects the standard pins of one port to the, otherwise unused, spare pairs in the cable. You need a splitter at the other end to connect these spare pairs back to the standard pins. It makes one CAT5 cable carry 2 sets of ethernet signals as if it were 2 cables. I don't know if it violates some spec somewhere but it does work.

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So from the sound of things, in your case, a splitter would work but only if you could put one at the other end as well, and have a third connection to the switch. I'm not sure that is your situation so as belvdr suggests, just get a simple switch and things should most likely work without any further configuration. You mean an Ethernet switch such as this? I'm not sure if I'm using all the cables in wiring or not. It's been a while since I set up the wall sockets and wiring. My setup consists of a router where all my Internet related devices are attached.

The two computers are a fair distance away from the router, so two cables one for each port are used to extend those two router outputs to somewhere else in the house Could I just buy a small switch 1 input to two outputs if possible and effectively "splitting" that single cable into two outputs: one for the computer and the other for the printer? Mar 23, 1, I don't know what you mean by an "ethernet splitter". It's not a term commonly used. You just need a small Ethernet switch.

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They are inexpensive. You never need to run two Ethernet cables from A to B to run two devices at B. Just run one wire, and use a switch. Example, I have a port switch in the rack cabinet in my office.

My work computer s , Wifi router, plug into that switch. I run a single cable to my AV equipment in the living room.

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There is no problem putting a switch at the end of a wire that goes to another switch. It doesn't have an Ethernet connection, unfortunately. Nothing wrong with using the printer sharing feature. It does literally split the line.

You would use it, for example, to get signals from two completely separate networks from A to B. It is NOT what you need.

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By "Ethernet splitter" I was referring to one of these. So, here's my current setup:. So, here's my current setup: View attachment But with a switch as you suggested, is this the correct connection assuming the goal is to print it's a networking printer of course from either computer, regardless if they're both switched on or not : View attachment I used draw.

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Much cheaper free than OmniGraffle for instance. BrianBaughn macrumors Feb 13, 6, Baltimore, Maryland.

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When you get your switch be sure it's "gigabit" capable. Contact Us Product Registration.

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I am sharing my Brother machine from my Windows XP computer and other Windows users are not able to print. I'm using Fedora I cannot scan from my Brother Machine or it says that it cannot find the Brother Machine. I'm using a Debian based distribution e. Ubuntu, Kubuntu etc. The left side of the document will not print when I make a copy from the scanner glass.

For Mac OS X Scan a document and save the scanned image to a folder on a local or network hard disk using the SCAN key on my Brother machine. Scan a document and save the scanned image to a folder on a local or network hard disk For Windows. Scan a document and open the scanned image with a graphics application For Macintosh.