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Having said that, though, the controller supplied with the RealFlight sim is perfectly realistic and is indeed based on a Futaba eight channel TX, so it's not the end of the world if you do have to use a sim controller rather than your own TX. Whichever TX you do use, whether your own or a supplied controller, the aircraft's response to your control input is precise and accurate, within reason, and the smooth graphics and realistic engine sounds accurately matched to your throttle stick movements really make you feel like you're standing on the flight line, flying the real thing.

That said, there are of course a few differences between virtual and real rc flight training which you'll need to get used to. For example, the wind effect on some rc flight simulators doesn't include unpredictable gusts. Also, using any zoom feature on a sim can distract you from getting used to your plane's true position and orientation relative to you and the ground, because you have no peripheral vision to aid you.


But these are things that your real-life rc flight training will soon teach you! As with everything else radio control, prices have dropped in recent years making a simulator quite affordable.


And with most households now owning - or having access to - modern personal computers and laptops, sims have rocketed in popularity as a sensible and very effective training aid. Modern day rc flight simulators such as Phoenix and RealFlight feature all the popular model aircraft types - planes, helicopters, multi-rotors, gliders and jets. Furthermore, you can try different camera angles including cockpit view.

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This is an excellent way of getting used to FPV flying , should you be interested in that. Phoenix, since striking a deal with rc product giants Horizon Hobby , feature a lot of Horizon's aircraft from their ParkZone , HobbyZone and E-flite ranges.

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This is great news if you actually have one of their models, although you might need to tweak the flight characteristics on the sim to get it flying exactly like your model. And on that note, a good quality sim like Phoenix lets you edit many aircraft and flying site parameters, to suit your own flying style.

It's very sad that Phoenix is no longer in production, but if you can get a used one off eBay then do consider it. Events such as pylon racing, spot landing, balloon bursting and limbo flying are available to really test your skills and online multi-player mode is also a great feature if you have a fast internet connection.

Most rc flight simulators feature a virtual flight school where professional rc pilots from the real world teach you everything from basic take off and landing techniques to advanced aerobatic maneuvers.

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Each lesson is narrated by the pilot, and TX stick movements are shown so you can see exactly what's happening and when. Below are some screenshots from my Phoenix simulator, these are the kind of images that you can expect from modern rc flight simulators click on images to view larger :. Learning to fly radio control in this safe environment is as realistic as it gets without actually taking a trip to your local flying field. The screenshot function is indeed broken on Mac OS.

RC simulator popularity

We will try to fix this with the next update. Does anyone know where to install addons for this version? I have some tiles I've generated I'd like to bring over, but can't find where to put them. I thought I saw it mentioned somewhere that addon installation would be through the Mac store or something. User addons usually go into the Documents folder under Aerofly FS 2. So now that this was mentioned as well: will there be a Linux version of Aerofly in the near future?

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I recommend the website to be modified as it is misleading with regard to the scenery included. It states:. I found that a lot of stutters due to higher frame rate over 60 fps. Cheers Rudi. Hi Rudi, all of our platforms use mostly the same code which is only possible because everything was hand-coded by IPACS and is independent of what the operating system does. Jan, That's a smart strategy. Does that apply to the Mac version as well?

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Many thanks for this, I've been waiting a while for the Mac version Just one question before I go ahead and purchase, will you be releasing this on Steam also? Cheers Tony. Will the SDK be available to the Mac users too?

source link The software has room for improvement, though. For those starting in the hobby, it would be useful to have a Multiplex EasyStar instead of a big warbird BG, for instace. There are free MacOS quad sims out there that do a far better job. It is quite annoying that every time I want to use the sim I have to re-configure my controller: the sim will forget it every every time I exit the software. And, only ultimate version is getting additional free models see version 7.

Just to let you know that I have tried all of the RC simulator, and this is really one of the bests… I would put RealFlight, Phoenix and Aerofly in the top position, but Aerofly works great in regards to the Physics of the game. Totally recommended Abre Mac App Store para comprar y descargar apps.