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Yes No. How can we improve it? Send No thanks. You can also use the Shutdown window to restart your Mac computer. In an instance where your computer is unresponsive, you can use the control keys to carry out a forced restart. Simultaneously press the Control , Command and Eject keys on the keyboard for a few seconds and then release when the computer reboots. As soon as soon as your computer boots up, you can run a series of tests to see if sound functions are back up and working properly again. As mentioned earlier, misconfigured or incorrect sound settings can also cause audio problems to occur on your computer.

That said, you must consider ruling this factor out especially if the problem continues after restarting the computer system. In this case, the sound is bypassed to the paired Bluetooth device. You can also type in a command line to stop Bluetooth services on your Mac. Your Mac will then forget all paired devices and accessories.

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  6. Restart the computer then test to see if the sound services are now working as intended. It wants to upgrade to Mojave. Hope this helps. Open to ActivityMonitor, list all process and search coreaudiod select and force quit. Problem solved :D. When I opened the activity center, coreaudiod was using 1. Forcing the stop corrected the issue immediately, without the need for a restart. Thank God I found this article before I took it to the service center. Eerily, it happened just after I dropped my mac! Thanks a ton!

    You can do this at the command line as well. Even when I do this my sound still does not work whether I have earbuds or nots, can anyone help me? Reinstalled latest OS update Go figure…. This fix totally worked for me! Thank you! I was getting ready to visit an authorized apple dealer to fix the problem.

    What if there is no internal speakers option.

    Repairing the mysteriously muted Mac

    Reset pram, turned off bluetooth, rebooted, no red light coming out if any ports. I never had this problem with OS9. Nor with The only solution is to reboot. Since I am not interested in quick fixes, but prefer a permanent fix, is the only option then switch to Microsoft 10? User error, works for everyone but you.

    How to Mute on a MacBook |

    Jokes on you Cruz! Maybe you should read the instructions to fix the audio working in your Mac. Bugs are everywhere. I get this audio issue every single time I boot my iMac and have to configure settings. Hello, I have tried this but nothing is seeming to appear in my output or input box? Maybe the internal contacts are dirty or gummed up a bit. Try a bristled toothpick from the pharmacy. They may have designed this better. Solution: jab a headphone plug in and out of the jack a few times. My mac book pro used to automatically select the audio output.

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    8. If I plugged my headphones in, they would mute the speakers and the sound would only come through the headphones. I have an apple display and when it was connected if would automatically know to play audio out of the display. Now, I have to manually select it from system preferences or for the menu bar. Can someone help me figure out if I can get it back to automatic?

      I came across this thread upon finding that my internal speakers would not show up as an option after I had used an external speaker for amplification. The Sound Preferences would keep looking for the external speakers even after they were disconnected. Using MacBook running Clearly a software bug. What can I do to fix this issue? After trying just about everything I came across a tip to apply high pressure air-duster to the port. That solved the issue! Apperantly dust might cause the sound to be routed to an optical channel, causing the hiccups. This has happened to me twice now.

      No sound at all: no itunes music, no video playback sound, no alert sounds — nothing. None of the fixes work as the system preferences appear normal. What does work is this: Connect some headphones into the jack. Play a song in itunes. It will be audible. Pull out the headphones. The song is now audible through the speakers. Crazy but works for me. Had this problem ever since updating to Yosemite. I have a MBPR 15inch, 1st version. Oh my god, thank you so much!

      However, this did! It updated to the most recent version of Yosemite, though this to me was not the cause of this problem. How can I fix this problem without having to shove a toothpick in the plug socket? Another thngyou may want to check: If you upgraded to Yosemite, and Garage Band was previously active, but not installed under Yosemite, this can cause problems as well.

      Just had my hard drive replaced by apple. Sound works from internal speakers. Mainly youtube and itunes but also soundcloud and probably other websites. On youtube sometimes i get one second of audio then nothing. Sometimes nothing at all and sometimes it plays fine. What the hey is that all about lol. I just have ordinary computer speakers hooked up to it by the usual speaker jack. Nay, this problem is not related to the selection of an internal or external output device.

      Then it defaults back to internal speakers again. Hi lorvens, can you fix that? I have a same problem, I read is probably is a problem with a hardware. This is after updating to Yosemite Anyone know how to fix this? Nothing is ever so simple, my friend. Backup your Mac, update the system software, then Reboot your Mac. After the update to Yosemite Problem solved. First I called Apple, they tried to reset the iMac.

      So they told me to bring it in.

      Re: Steps to fix Unmute problem in Macbook Air?

      Next I opened Launchpad and saw an icoon with the Yosemite update. So I installed the update again. And guess what? Sound works again. Getting tired of this. What exactly is the difference between audio and sound as per the title of the article? Audio meaning any audio channel is not outputting, sound meaning the actual sound noise being output. What should I do if there are no output OR input devices to select from. Same here. No onboard input or output devices are shown. Only way I can get audio in or out is via a usb audio dongle.

      One is running It is so frustrating sometimes. And having to actually press the power button, and wait for the system to boot up when it is powered down.

      No Sound or Volume on Mac - How To Fix